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Your leading credit risk specialist

We design, develop and deliver analytically-led credit risk management solutions that empower New Zealand’s finance companies.


Whether you’re implementing something new or reacting to change, our experienced team supports you to make decisions in bringing financial risk management solutions to life, within your risk appetite. 

What we do

How we work

One size doesn’t fit all. When we partner with you, we tailor our approach to fit, rather than expecting you to follow our processes. We take a deep understanding of your business and combine it with our expertise to support you in discovering new insights, solutions and possibilities.

Why partner with us

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The team in the room is the team who work on your business, applying their specialist experience and expertise in credit risk policy and management to bring solutions to life.


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Based in New Zealand, we’re proud to focus solely on the local market. We are committed to supporting finance companies that work in our unique financial ecosystem.


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When we partner with you, we’ll tailor our approach to fit in with how you want to work, your priorities and your constraints. There’s nothing cut and paste about us.


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