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Credit Risk


Our comprehensive training courses equip the next generation of financial risk and analytics professionals.


We strongly believe that knowledge should be passed on. That’s why we’re committed to supporting the growth of the credit risk profession, using plain English to transfer knowledge, share insights and mentor the next generation of risk and analytics professionals.

CR101: Introduction to Credit Risk

Our Credit Risk 101 introductory training course is for professionals new to retail credit risk management or for those wanting to gain a more holistic view of the topic. The course covers the overarching concept of the credit risk lifecycle and fits within the Enterprise Risk Management Framework and Three Lines of Defence model.

CR102: Understand scorecard monitoring

Our Credit Risk 102 course is for entry level credit risk analysts and other stakeholders who are involved in scorecard model oversight and governance. Scorecard monitoring is a vital skill for robust management governance and managing business outcomes. This course demystifies the score monitoring report and explains the difference between PSI, Gini and Characteristic Analysis

CR103: Understand model risk

Our Credit Risk 103 course introduces the Model Risk Framework and how it fits into the overall Enterprise Risk Management Framework. Model Risk Management within an organisation is a high-profile discipline and must therefore be in line with industry practice and meet regulatory expectations. 

CCCFA Training

We offer comprehensive sessions to equip teams with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and comply with the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA). Our interactive workshops cover topics such as responsible lending, fair contract terms and effective disclosure practices.

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