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Lifecycle Credit Risk

Account & Portfolio Management


Effective account and portfolio management begins with knowing your risk. To support our partners we use a range of credit risk management methods to take a comprehensive view of their portfolio and to get early indications of increasing risk. Our structured approach, and  tools and techniques help our partners to identify, understand and react to key concentrations, emerging risks and opportunities.

What's involved

Account management credit criteria

We can support you to create, optimise and maintain your account management credit criteria, from ongoing price and limit management to in-life contact strategies.

Risk/return analysis

We can help you identify and understand returns across your portfolio, and identify areas at risk of not having sufficient margin built into your price to accommodate the current or predicted economic environment. 

Behavioural scoring solutions

Utilising in-house and external data sources, our behavioural assessment models and scorecards help you better understand both new and existing customers by creating an optimal assessment of their credit risk.

Credit deep dives / asset quality reviews

By assessing your overarching portfolio, or reviewing a particular segment of concern, we can help you identify and understand possible areas of concentration risk and recommend solutions. 

Monitoring solutions

Our bespoke monitoring packs enable you to track and validate your models and strategies, allowing efficient and interactive data exploration and strategy analysis. 

Behavioural scoring solutions

We can help you understand current property values for residential and investment mortgage portfolios. Using a range of valuation assessment strategies and models to predict the fair value of a property, we can provide a clear view of the Loan to Value ratio distribution with the ability to assess impairment capital and identify segments at risk of negative equity or climate change risks. 

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