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Lifecycle Credit Risk

Improve credit risk visibility across every phase of the credit risk life cycle and proactively mitigate consumer credit risks.

We apply our credit risk expertise, real world insights and suite of specialist products to all facets of the credit risk lifecycle, supporting you from end-to-end or for individual phases.

Collections & Recoveries

We monitor outcomes to help fine tune your strategy, aiming to optimise the balance between ‘remediation success’ and ‘cost to remediate’.

Account & Portfolio Management

Our structured approach, and  tools and techniques help our partners to identify, understand and react to key concentrations, emerging risks and opportunities.

Regulation & Compliance

Our deep understanding of the financial sector, the need for operational transparency and the standards required, ensures that our advice and recommendations align with the regulatory frameworks.

Credit & Decision Strategy

Migrating, implementing or enhancing your decision solution system, we can support you by developing tools and strategies to provide insights and controls. 

SoDA / Comprehensive Credit Reporting

Our SoDA (Supply of Data Assistant) product simplifies the process of providing customer information and repayment history data to all of New Zealand’s credit bureaus (Centrix, Equifax and Illion), a key component for Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR). 

Why partner with us

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The team in the room is the team who work on your business, applying their specialist experience and expertise in credit risk policy and management to bring solutions to life.


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Based in New Zealand, we’re proud to focus solely on the local market. We are committed to supporting finance companies that work in our unique financial ecosystem.


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When we partner with you, we’ll tailor our approach to fit in with how you want to work, your priorities and your constraints. There’s nothing cut and paste about us.


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