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Celebrating Excellence: Happy Prime Sponsors "Team Spirit" at FSF Awards

At Happy Prime, our commitment to collaboration and positive change within the financial sector is unwavering. We're excited to announce our sponsorship of the prestigious "Team Spirit" Award at the upcoming Financial Services Federation 2023 Awards, marking our second consecutive year as proud supporters of this event.

The "Team Spirit" Award is a testament to the incredible power of teamwork within FSF member companies. This accolade acknowledges and celebrates the outstanding efforts of teams whose achievements extend beyond their immediate roles, leading to significant enhancements for both their organisations and customers at large. Check out the finalists here.

Mark your calendars and join us at the FSF Gala Awards Dinner on September 19th where award winners will be announced. This will be a true celebration of the positive impacts that ripple through our industry. Tickets are available here.

Join us in celebrating the essence of "Team Spirit" and the boundless potential it holds for positive change!


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